Session One

Blood on Your Hands

It was cold on the road, and Meisha clung to the stranger’s back, sleepily watching the dancing lights he had conjured and taking little comfort in the warmth he provided. Her grandmother hobbled along beside them as they made for Colovo, a small wining town a few hours down the road from her home.
The night sky was clear, and Meisha could see the smoke and orange haze from the burning inn, even several miles away.
She hoped her father was okay…

The party suffered their first schism when the Blood Knight brutally murdered the innkeeper Mikhail Ironfist after the big man interpreted the teifling’s question of his daughter as a threat to her safety. Once defeated, the evil knight raised him as a skeletal servant, enslaved to do his bidding for eternity.
Meanwhile, the Sorcerer Jordan escorted his daughter and mother to the village of Colovo, where the old woman gifted him an amulet that she had worn around her neck.
After back tracking to the Kingdom of the Northern March, the Blood Knight, Teifling and Dwarf readied themselves against the werewolves in Barovia and struck off into its mist shrouded forest, followed shortly by Jordan.
As they approached the outer, abandoned, edges of Barovia, the three were set upon by a swarm of zombies, carrying some strange disease in their blood and flesh.
After a hectic but one-sided battle, the three and their skeleton servant survived though injured.
But what else awaits them in Barovia?
And what of Jordan? Will he aide them against a greater threat, or let these vile beings wreak their havoc on the weakened people of Barovia?

The Blood Knight tore his greatsword from torso of the zombie, letting its remains fall to the ground. The teifling snarled and muttered as he wrapped a cloth around his arm, staunching the blood oozing from the wound.
Their horses balked a little at being pressed forward, but obeyed.
The mist clung to every inch of street, and shadows moved with tricks of the light. Shrieking and howls – animal and human – permeated the thick air, distant or muffled one could not tell.
They had entered a cursed land, but with the power of dark magics on their side, were they are risk… or were they a greater threat than the land itself?



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