The land of Aerelion is an ancient land, long overturned by war and chaos. Throughout history many kings and queens have risen and fallen with their kingdoms, their brief rules quickly forgotten by history.
Yet one thing remained. One legend passed from father to son, mother to daughter, down and down through the generations.
The City of Oaths. A place where no lie could be told, vast armies lay at rest and the very blood of magic flowed through the streets. It was within the City or Oaths that the Old Laws were laid down, that the Lich Kings made war with the dragons and the last empire of the elves fell into ruin. It was within the City of Oaths that the Forgotten Kings rose and fell, great heroes and war-maidens of their ages, rulers of land, spirit and arcana itself.
They rose from the City of Oaths, each one hoping that the golden walls and crystal wellsprings and its legend would preserve their names forever.
They would not be remembered. They would be swallowed whole, for time forgets all things…

Far to the north, there is a small kingdom, ruled by a benevolent king and his only son. After falling sick, the king has left the struggling kingdom in the hands of Prince Calder. The young man, old before his time, now has the pressure of a nearby Orchish stronghold, several elven tribes in the deep woods and – most recently – a missing friend. One of his knights has vanished in the old mountains, and with his meager forces already stretched thin, Calder must turn to other sources to find a missing comrade.